Fast T     Sun, May 29, 2011  Permanent link
love it when the 'others' enter and thicken the plot! :)

Admittedly, while enmeshing into this form of story, I do find the tendency of sorting villains and good guys quite irresistible, yet at this instance will stay it and venture on a questioning trail: so are the others, so to say, locked within the images of conventional memory? Can they disrupt the surface of order? How can they themselves be disrupted? and so much more...
Wildcat     Mon, May 30, 2011  Permanent link
Actually that which is locked is the image itself, the image of the ‘others’, or if we are to be fractalized and to fractalize (verbing..), the image of the thought, is not a thought but an ever recurrence of a pattern of thought that is within itself immovable (a territory which denies deterritorialization, like a fixation, a fixed idea or an apparent memory and the like, a product of the monumental mind).
In the context of this little adventure from the future of AI, I see the image of thought as a normalizing factor that needs be removed, for if it doesn’t the ‘others’ will forever remain ‘others’, which implies that intelligence will never move beyond original identity and thus will miss the critical issue of becoming an exploratory procedure, and if so will replicate the origins of ‘others’ unto oneself. What the future possible NotMarie came to tell to the actual present NotMarie is that not being aware to the trap of normalization she may inadvertently remove the main chunk of her possible evolution, from which many eons hence the future possible NotMarie will (possibly) be born.

There are no villains and good guys in this stroy, sorry.. ☺ only lines of possible unfoldments-enfoldments.