N8     Wed, Jun 15, 2011  Permanent link
check out the site

its similar to what you are looking for but obviously could be refined more specifically
Ilparone     Mon, Jun 20, 2011  Permanent link
@N8, many thanks for bringing StumbleUpon up. I've been using SU via browser as well as with an iPad. SU is in many ways a great way of finding new content. At the same time, I feel a bit helpless and at a loss. SU acts like a teleport. It feels like I'd be exploring someone else's mental map and I have no control over the journey. Surprise reigns without relevancy as SU doesn't provide "situational" results (i.e. it doesn't take into account what I'm doing, what are my interests in a particular moment, who are the people that affect my daily life etc.). But for sure, it can bring excitement and surprises to one's life. :)
elysium     Thu, Jun 30, 2011  Permanent link
I really, really like the looks of your work. Keep it coming :)
Ilparone     Fri, Jul 1, 2011  Permanent link
@elysium Many thanks for the feedback! New things are coming up. :)