Wildcat     Fri, Aug 26, 2011  Permanent link
interesting take Chris, made me think of Neal Stephenson’s The diamond age, specifically the way ubicomp can be harnessed to create the kind of ‘book’ NS describes there. It may be (and is highly probable) that our AR machines will soon be able to extend the meaning of our identities and the expansion of fluidity in networks dominated reality to an extent that will dominate our archaic behaviors. If we are to take some innovations as Booktrack and Sony’s emotion-reading games technology combined with the Bloom you have mentioned I think that a new surrealism is in the making.
I can readily envision a personalized embedded virtually enmeshed superimposed reality in which we are pushed and pulled without ever knowing or noticing the effect, in the process becoming a new kind of individual.
Now add Kitware and your sci-fi rant becomes immediate reality.
{i}Pan~     Fri, Aug 26, 2011  Permanent link
The first thing that came to mind was Accelerando =)
Nice post
chris arkenberg     Fri, Aug 26, 2011  Permanent link
Thanks for comments.

Things are definitely starting to slip towards surrealism, Wildcat! It will be very interesting to see how technology reinvents the world, assuming we make it past the looming financial meltdown/global restructuring...

Pan, I'm already in touch with the lobsters. ;)
gamma     Sat, Aug 27, 2011  Permanent link
It sounds familiar (<—- remove /lame/ from here, with my apologies), but what strikes me is the word "ubiquitous". It reminds me of the novel "Ubiq" from P. K. Dick.

Ubiq is actually somewhat uninteresting. The story says that in the near future people developed the technology for afterlife in hibernation. It is limited and allows the telepathic connection among the inhabitants. Ubiq is a dash of energy that the dead need in order to revive their dying brains and stay alive for a while. In the afterlife, Ubiq comes in many forms and under many definitions, some of which deteriorate over time to more primitive forms.

I think that your writing is an attempt at moving towards the more advanced definitions of ubiq.

Stranger book or a spook is the Pickover's "Heaven Virus"  I think that it is interesting in that it tackles the process on chip where people upload their minds.