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Let me synapse this with a recent post by Seth Godin

The forever recession (and the coming revolution)

There are actually two recessions:

The first is the cyclical one, the one that inevitably comes and then inevitably goes. There's plenty of evidence that intervention can shorten it, and also indications that overdoing a response to it is a waste or even harmful.

The other recession, though, the one with the loss of "good factory jobs" and systemic unemployment—I fear that this recession is here forever.

Why do we believe that jobs where we are paid really good money to do work that can be systemized, written in a manual and/or exported are going to come back ever? The internet has squeezed inefficiencies out of many systems, and the ability to move work around, coordinate activity and digitize data all combine to eliminate a wide swath of the jobs the industrial age created.

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something to think about when sizing up this economic mess, I think with the whole baby-boomer generation starting to retire in 2007, the big-shots in this country quickly realized how big of an impact their retirements would have on not only on Wall street, but how expensive its going to be to replace them. Did anyone really believe Wall street was just goin to let that generation just "cash out"? between the year 2000 and 2020 some 30 million baby boomers are expected to be leaving the workforce.

They also explain that there are only 43 million Gen Xers (the post boomer generation) available to take the place of the approximately 76 million boomers. There simply are “not enough young workers to fill the void of those departing.

when you step back and think about this financial mess wall street is in, you can see they collapsed it on themselves, pulling their own money out, leaving the older workforce with nothing to take out EXACTLY when they were starting to retire, and forcing them into many more years of work....

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We are living this work existence today in our lives but we do it because the pain makes us stronger and alive, we are a moth feedbacking against the office rules and we are depending on the UK human rights act to survive, because it operates above the rules of the office. It is something that we will not allow be taken from us, as our chosen speciality subject is freedom.

Our task is unlimited clean energy with healing and we must defend this hope by working hard, but conserve some of ourselves for the ancient humans. We are looking at different textures of infinity and to understand any is to add to a peer to peer pallet which we can use freely to travel between A and B.

Good luck and easy travels. I look forward again to a world without borders.
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i will do my part by eating trash and pooping food.

fair wages forever
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@ nom the puppet: Very good, admire your courage. Want to do some big shot stuff? Start here with Worms Cutting Cost.
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@cocreatr: neat