CoCreatr     Mon, Oct 17, 2011  Permanent link
Thank you, Wildcat.

Freely associating (look, ma: no -isms)

  • Occupy the Mind

  • Attention Economy

  • Gift Economy

  • Co-Creation, Creative Commons, Collaborative Consumption, Complementary Currency

  • Augmented Sociality

gamma     Wed, Oct 26, 2011  Permanent link
It is beautiful
Occupy the Mind, the rest will follow.

Oh that is such a wonderful message.

Recently I defended my strange interests in the land between science and esoteric to my girlfriend by saying, "the only other news in the world is that Gaddafi is dead. What is out there anyway?" Now I think that your message is much better.
klaitner     Thu, Oct 27, 2011  Permanent link
a global mind unable to conceptualize what it is thinking, best ows interpretation yet
nom the puppet     Fri, Oct 28, 2011  Permanent link
something about human nature
CoCreatr     Thu, May 3, 2012  Permanent link
A few things emerge that we can do beyond occupy: build new corporations structured to bypass the problems of the oldies. Chances are the greater employee engagement makes them way more competitive.