Wildcat     Tue, Nov 1, 2011  Permanent link
Brilliant take Chris, as always. thanks
chris arkenberg     Wed, Nov 2, 2011  Permanent link
Thanks! Glad you like.
CoCreatr     Wed, Nov 2, 2011  Permanent link
Thanks, Chris. For social OS upgrade, adding a puzzle piece from the Hack Management 2.0 series.

The Colleague Letter of Understanding: Replacing Jobs with Commitments
chris arkenberg     Thu, Nov 3, 2011  Permanent link
Ah, that's a great link, CoCreatr. Thanks! I especially like the digital CLOU as a means to search & find people across an org. I've recently been researching the integration of social media design patterns into enterprise systems - there's a ton of movement in this space trying to make it easier for organizations to communicate, share info, identify experts, and run analytics on it all. Very interesting...
CoCreatr     Mon, Nov 7, 2011  Permanent link
Simple tweaks to Occupy that could shift the course of the movement

Sometimes you watch something, and you think you have a really important key to making what you are watching that much more powerful and potent.

Thats how I’ve felt with the Occupy movement. I feel like I have something really important to contribute to the operating system of Occupy that could take it from being mainly a protest movement to something that allows it to be the operating system of the world. There are many parts and layers to this explanation.

CoCreatr     Fri, Nov 18, 2011  Permanent link
That link above I quoted from has vanished. The blog is still there, occupied with moving from Occupy to action. Here is another take

Richard Branson: 'Capitalism has lost its way'
Virgin entrepreneur and new owner of Northern Rock says he wants businesses to transform themselves along ethical lines

CoCreatr     Thu, May 3, 2012  Permanent link
And one more take: A few things emerge that we can do beyond occupy: build new corporations or organizations structured to bypass the problems of the oldies. Chances are the greater employee engagement makes them way more competitive. For example: