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I really feel like playing in a steel band today, I can't even imagine how far away my nearest steel drum actually is. today, still the feeling behind it must be a good sign.

Did you know it takes 20 years to learn how to tune a steel drum?
It follows that collective knowledge in the world of objects is still very important, and I have a nice experience to share about playing the bass steel drum in a group.

It was in London that a group of people gathered in a public art space to discuss mental freedom during an event at the 100 years memorial to the abolishment of slavery a few years back using poetry and art, and I got to play bass steel drum with the other participants. There must have been 15 or more drums, covering the full range of sizes and we were able to play together after 5 minutes of tuition and a lengthy session of poetry and the sharing of thoughts.

I never met these people again, and the chances are I won't need to. One piece of wisdom that one poet shared with me was when you have that spark of an idea, you need to think of it as far back into the past as you can, and then think of it as far into the future as you can too, and you see this really shaped my research goals ever since, only playing that bass drum was enough to last most of my youth, if I'd so had the chances. It is amazing, the amount of variability there is to the sound, depending on how you connect with it.