duly     Mon, Jan 23, 2012  Permanent link
favorite line "i think people are starting to wake up!" Yes! do something that makes a difference! Saludos!
sonicport+techfolder     Fri, Mar 16, 2012  Permanent link
I thought about this last week,

My Heartsong is my Viola De-tuned to a customised pitch ratio, so that I may nourish my De-sensitivities and muscle memory. You could try spinning round in circles before attempting to write a letter or boil an egg, but it is not quite the same as De-tuning. I should take a look at digitising this feeling into a musical technological relationship. John Cage's Prepared piano is a good example before the mind has normalised the relationship.

I had a long ride around twitter for the first time around October-Occupy and saw many pages and task charts that said to me that the web works similarly to the earth's magnetic field. There is some Islamic art which also reflects this. I saw it on BBC Iplayer. It is made of a magnet with iron filings that turn upwards when the current is positive or something.