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Wow ~ thanks for all these links! I see a common interest :-]

Love this one:

This 2nd image on here can be interpreted as the Flower of Life
xtina     Wed, Feb 8, 2012  Permanent link
"…as an expression of the Self, the crop circle represents one of the missing collective element of the UFO—which is earth and the feminine ground. The UFO which Jung calls, "...a typical child of the age of technology" has evolved over the past two and a half decades from a relatively positive archetypal expression of wonder and hope into one of heavy shadow projection.
This is a reflection of the influence of Negative Logos upon our culture. The development of this collective archetypal image from grey air ship (e.g. UFO) to golden earth mandala tells us something about the urgent need in global society for a conscious reconnection between masculine Logos and the feminine principle of Eros."