Wildcat     Thu, Mar 1, 2012  Permanent link
Great piece Claire, thank you. Though I much agree with your point concerning the Golden record, that it does not represent us, not as we 'really are' your emphasis on its beauty beyond expression is much to the point. However I wish to point that this 'naiveté' expressed as the joy of the people who made it is for me one of the high points of our species, it might very well represent the infancy of our species, focusing more on our aspirations than on our realities.
As you may know I have chosen years ago the Golden record as my main avatar iconic representation in virtuality precisely because of that point.
Our infancy in front of the vastness of the apparent 'great void' is nothing less than tantalizing and awe inspiring, and however we may wish to describe it, ours is a storytellers race, the golden record from this perspective is a symbolic figment of a fertile imagination, not to be dismissed but to be appreciated as an instrument of metaphorical self propagation.

It remains to be seen whether the ideas we have of ourselves as a species can in the long run outperform the factuality's of that which we are.
In the meantime we are changing and trying to move towards the stars.
thanks again, especially as today is Future day,let us celebrate.
nagash     Thu, Mar 1, 2012  Permanent link
Great post, Claire.
I think the world needs more Carl Sagans, but what can we do?
It's time for us to send a golden pendrive into space ^_^