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Thank you. Bloomberg says this:

Peter Thiel, who has encouraged students to drop out of college, will teach a lecture course on startups at Stanford University
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CoCreatr, I can't think of a better place to drive the statement home to them than on campus.
It's interesting that the lady in the video you linked seems to be indicating that he has delegitimized the thrust of his message by going to the heart of the educational system (in a classroom) to discuss it.
I couldn't disagree more.

I am heartened to witness commoditized, rote "education" being dismissed by some at the forward edge as a backward, or at least old-fashioned, way of developing human lives.
It still has merits of course, but there are great disadvantages inherent in closing your developing existence off from the interacting world and following a trail of breadcrumbs placed there for you in a committee-designed maze. The piece of paper you receive at the end of the maze may or may not equal the education you would get applying that intelligence directly to problems and solutions outside the maze.

I agree with Thiel that it may be a better choice for many people to reject the maze format altogether and create their own path- even if it is a hard-won and relentless journey.
The payoff is the prize- a functional, useful business vs. a piece of paper saying you have recited what was expected of you for several years of your youth. You have also spent years in that maze when others have been active in "the real world". You start out years behind, with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Quite a disadvantage- but an entirely optional one.

I like the big-picture perspective. Applied education is contribution to society. This is sometimes better done outside of school walls.
There are many opinions on this, of course.

Respectfully yours-