nagash     Mon, Aug 27, 2012  Permanent link
> Did you know NASA accidentally erased the original moon landing footage
> during routine magnetic tape re-use in the 1980s?

hummmm... guess what the lone gunmen have to say about it
jon-kyle     Tue, Aug 28, 2012  Permanent link
This stuck with me:

Perhaps we should invent poetry engines, rovers equipped with algorithms that can turn vaporized soil samples into poignant insights.

I attended the Planetary Society gathering across the street from JPL this past month; both out of curiosity about Curiosity, and to gather a sense for what demographic attends such an event today.

Instead of any particularly impressive cosmic-mullets, or congregation of Wookies lunar-distance deep in a hacky sack competition opposite the restroom, I'll instead remember one moment. That being the electricity in the air when the first photo beamed from Mars was displayed throughout the hall confirming a successful touchdown.

Thinking about it now, I wonder what if a human finger triggered the shutter to capture that frame.