Autotelic     Sun, May 12, 2013  Permanent link
Wu Wei my friend...
Wildcat     Sun, May 12, 2013  Permanent link
But of course, that is obviously why 'Shun' made it so.. :-)
Autotelic     Tue, Jun 11, 2013  Permanent link
The only "shun" i need is a further explaina"tion"... Sorry i couldnt resist the pun but im not sure how shun made it so? To shun - seems to imply some sort of agenda which would actually PREVENT such a thing as walking on nothing. Just my opinion though
gamma     Sat, Jul 6, 2013  Permanent link
Ha-ha, great writing, even though my role in this universe is to disagree. I think that you rely on being alive, therefore, on energy and high-frequency ticks of awareness, so that would be complicated to obtain. Once the surprise of knowing that that has happened begins, would it not be beautifully complicated?
whiskey     Sat, Jul 20, 2013  Permanent link
Thank you for your very thought provoking post.

I had some thoughts .... please forgive the rough format.

“Desire need be in full intensity yet strangely it must also be idle. Idle of a particular direction, which allows the horn of plenty, the cornucopia of abundance in sense thought, to be free.”

This thought brings to mind a mathematical explanation. The sine / cosine curve.

“Desire need be in full intensity” – I read as the peak (high or low) of the curve.

“yet strangely it must also be idle” – the exact point at peak of curve has no vector, it is the point of shift of change of direction but for one instantaneous, infinitely small moment is idle.

“which allows the horn of plenty” – which is the magic moment because all is possible as it is the point of shift.

“That makes walking on nothing interesting.” – The peak of the curve is the most interesting, most exciting and most scary. It is the maximum. It is the minimum. It is the point of change. It is the point of possibility. It is the edge of the abyss.

Idleness, perceived laziness, in-action, and nothingness is necessary as it allows the opposite to emerge. One cannot exist without the other. It is not a negative, rather an imperative opposition that allows something TO exist.