necromelia;     Mon, Apr 9, 2007  Permanent link
is equality being the same, or understanding eveyone is capable of the same
iPenguin     Tue, Apr 10, 2007  Permanent link
I agree with you're thoughts that a new environment can't push equality, i had similar thoughts when we started the task. I also think there are precedents an connections between social issues and the physical nature of entering space (i haven't read too much yet on this though...)
in our globalized world, cultures have leaved their habitat in which they originally developed and scattered around the world, but everywhere now we face problems of integration and assimilation, due to non changing or only slowly changing social values.
It seams as though we aren't able to take advantages of possible change the new cultural immigration and movement is offering to us.
on the other hand overcoming social boundaries has always been a question of an educational and/or monetary elite.
creating a space collective for this elite wouldn't it only result in an more extreme ghetto for an already existing groupe?

Also, in post-feminism and gender theories, gender has been denaturalized: non-equality is not connected to nature but is solemnly a product of human discourse.