nedzen     Sun, Jan 26, 2014  Permanent link
Biosphere 2 is by far a success story. Important insights have been gained from this experiment. and as a result second time they did it better. What seams very interesting to me is the psychological break down of the people involved. Despite their scientific preparation, under pressure their nerves become thready. Just as it's important to check the levels of CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere it's critical to observe and understand what are the factors that affect the mental state of the crew and how. Maybe we as humans evolved in Biosphere 1 have grown to fond of the sky above with it's clouds; Feeling a soft breeze or seeing the trees move in the wind, or hearing the birds songs, or the waves of the ocean. All this little particularities existent only in the natural environment, maybe they are much more important to us than we think, we just don't know it because we take them for granted, we always had them.