Spaceweaver     Wed, Apr 9, 2014  Permanent link
This is the most delightful and amusing piece I have read for quite a long time. I wouldn’t even try to explain why, but I find it profoundly humoristic and that is why I take it so seriously…

What comes to mind is the ancient geometrical project of squaring the circle that for centuries was a symbol to mystery unconquered by reason or measure. For here is a linguistic parallel to the ancient riddle: affirming the negative. But it goes of course far beyond mere linguistic play and reaches out to the very core of dualistic thinking. Yet, it is not untrue that opposites, negations and dialectic in thought are bastards of language itself for nowhere in the pre-linguistic can any negation be found. Nothing was before the word (and not God as many believe) therefore nothing will ever be fully expressed by mere words or measured by them. Though, evidently, approximations can become infinitely close… Thought beyond duality begins indeed with nothing in mind.

What is perhaps most significant in this poietic operation is the bringing to light that which became very far from obvious in our brave new binary world of Zeroes and Ones – that affirming the negative, the zero, the nothing, does not result in One but, rather surprisingly, in a wild uncontrollable multiplicity.

I wondered though why nothing was said about chance, twin brother to intelligence (though not from the same mother). Wouldn’t it be the case that even though it’s better to leave nothing to chance most of the time, there are moments when chance must be taken as if nothing really matters? :-)
Wildcat     Tue, Sep 30, 2014  Permanent link
Comment deleted for lack of relevance to above..
gamma     Tue, Sep 30, 2014  Permanent link
Well, I dunno Wildcat, no relation? I kind of edited all the grammar and made a reference to the Elephant. :-)
Wildcat     Tue, Sep 30, 2014  Permanent link
Well gamma, I do know.. ;-) when a comment, though grammatically correct, refers to the decoration, i deem the relation to the substance at play to be tenuous at best..
that of course may be a misconception but I remain convinced that the Elephant has very little to do with the body of the text.
However I'll make you a deal, offer me a better elephant image and I will change it so as to please even the most discerning aesthetic mind.. :-)
gamma     Tue, Sep 30, 2014  Permanent link
Though smiling faces make me happy and secure, heck, lets take out the swords and fight! Okay, wait a minute. You placed That elephant for the lack of better image?? I thought that the elephant was deliberately lifeless to explain nothingness.