Autotelic     Thu, Sep 18, 2014  Permanent link
its interesting to think about trees vs skyscrapers. the way I see it, they are both very natural to the universe. In the same way an anthill is natural to the universe, flat-screen tvs are just as natural. Just my opinion that anything humans create/make is natural to the universe because we have the ability, we were meant to create/build/make/innovate...
whiskey     Tue, Sep 23, 2014  Permanent link
Thanks for the view and comment Autotellc.

Please note I didn't call it Trees vs Skyscrapers, but rather Trees & Skyscrapers. I find the juxtaposition interesting and beautiful. Further, I agree with you, that both are natural to the universe. Both involve an evolution and progression, initially seeming at odds, but not, instead a progression and growth notable in differing mediums. The pairing is key, that one does not overpower or eliminate the other.