Morningstar     Fri, May 1, 2015  Permanent link
Hello Wildcat:)
thank you for this beautiful piece:)
it brought some questions to mind:

does this point to saying that without the perception of "self" (moving from 'self intimacy as precursor of self representation' possibly connected to proprioception and generation/appreciation of self pleasure or self-generation/appreciation of pleasure) an AI machine cannot become aware and thus conscious?

in this case would it be like saying that an AI machine needs the self to develop that qualia needed for awareness, while on a different level the human has been trying to achieve higher forms of awareness or liberation through consciousness, from or through the self?
how, if at all, do we put the two in relation? :) very intriguing indeed...
Wildcat     Tue, May 5, 2015  Permanent link
Thank you for a thoughtful comment Morningstar

The issues you are pointing at are indeed fundamental to the concept of conscious aware beings.
The issue of proprioception is one of the most difficult to come to terms with, not only for its mechanism, ( which is poorly understood anyway) but for its implications and consequences.
More particularly, when understanding the manner in which conscious awareness arises in a particular mind system, the three basic forms of perception: exteroception, by which one perceives the outside world, interoception, by which one perceives pain for example, and finally proprioception by which one perceives her own body in space. Only a coherent combination of the three aspects of perception allow a coherent fashion of the form of the sense allows a sense of self to be correlated into a whole. Therefore in the most basic fashion of understanding , much before we arrive at a coherent conception of conscious self awareness, these need be integrated, so in this sense, yes the AI that my protagonist is building demands these as the initial building blocks, without them no conscious awareness can emerge.

This however does not yet a self give.

For a self, a coherent and cognitively embedded self demands a higher set of complexity actuation via the integration what can be called (for lack of a better concept at the moment) sub minds.
I will expand on the conceptual understanding of sub minds in the next chapter of the story but for now let me say that to my understanding our minds are a construct or patchwork if you prefer of a multiplicity of sub minds, each working in conjunction with the others (mostly not very efficiently- but sufficiently so as to convince us to their apparent coherency).
Sub minds in this context are the producers of qualia, but it is a disparate qualia, and does not necessarily translate into the sense experience of a whole.
Qualia needs a context in which it can be cognitively assessed, that is what the so called ‘self’ allows, it is where the description occurs.

What is the qualia of pleasure without its description?