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    the apifera, selfridges window

    The Selfridges store in London approached me to create a window installation. The project was based on the analogy I made of shops being plants, shoppers being bees - hovering past shops - and shop windows being flowers; the part of a plant responsible for attracting and seducing those bees. This conceptual understanding of shop architecture developed into The Apifera, a responsive window that takes inspiration from the science of attraction developed in flowers. A study of phyllotaxis (the fractal arrangement of florets) inspired the complex fractal geometry of the window installation. Organic motion was employed to further strengthen the notion of the window being an organism - I gave it the ability to respond and change its 'breathing' rate according to the daylight and passers-by. Its primitive level of intelligence is a program that runs on an arduino microcontroller and the organic movement is created with an array of computer fans (which creates a fluid motion instead of a mechanical motor-driven motion). The window will remain on Duke St until the 23rd of October 2008.

    apifera center

    Window concept, electronics and programming by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, production by MP-F, Rebecca Lucraft (who did the papercraft), and Nicholas P-F. Apifera is a botanical term given to plants specialised in attracting bees.

    For more information please visit

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