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    Lifetab - Moving towards the next-gen data usage from within the society

    There's so many startups nowadays. Everyone is trying to bring their ideas to the world, monetize them, make impact on the people all over the world. Internet business is a great framework to to that, especially for people interested in digital media and technology. This fact and my friend's advice to not to hesitate and try to work on mine has emerged into this little project - Lifetab.

    What is it?
    It’s an online application giving purpose to all our data. I mean ALL our data. At this point we are creating, using and deleting our data. But it can be much more. Life can be pretty harsh today in digital world speaking of organization and handling all the information. Lifetab will do this for us and it will reward us for doing so. One will be able to create individual or social goals which will make one proud as they gain rewards not only from the system – badges, experience points, achievements – but also from the users – acknowledgment for what one has done!

    What does it do?
    Basically, Lifetab is a virtual reality where one is their own avatar. One grows up by performing various actions, both virutal and 'Real Life', and as one grows, one gets cooler ranks, achievements and more accurate statistics. Thanks to the social factor one may share some of the information with their connections. Nevertheless, it is completely up to their choice which information one discloses to the other.

    It logs on-line presence (if one wishes), pulls data from your facebook, twitter, foursqare…whatever profile / service you use and rewards one pretty much in the same way any mmorpg game does.

    Last, but not least, it extends our real life with a handful of applications for various devices and various tasks, from AR games to Automatic data collection tools.

    Why this is not another social network?
    There are two major differences between this project and popular social networks.

    Firstly, we’re not trying to create and operate data without understanding. We’re utilizing any data we can found, returning them to the user in acceptable form of graphs, vizualizations and game dynamics. There’s tons of hidden data about us on the internet, we want people to explore them, and use them.

    Secondly, we’re going from bottom. We think if we [society] don’t create this kind of application, sooner or later, any government or business party will. And that would be end of the internet freedom. Here it is up to you what you share, say, do with your data. Keep it for yourself, tell all your friends or just your family; or make some money with it if you want. Of course we can’t prevent other companies from harvesting our data, but this way, we at least see what they know about us.

    Our cornerstone
    We really like honesty within society made of individuals sharing the same morals. That’s why in Lifetab you – an original individual – create the whole social structure with other individuals, rather than being part of unified artificial social network. We believe everyone has rights for anonymity and control over their life. You should be able to decide what you like and what is against the grain to you. Using the recent findings in psychology and game design we’re trying to build a platform solving major problems of modern age, engaging us more to our lives while using the latest accessible technology.

    Undertaking this project we wish to pioneer in future internet society. We are proud to be on the beginning of something new and as major as the creation of internet itself.

    For free
    The service is planned to be and will be free to use.

    More information can be found on our teaser website:

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