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The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in the infoverse demands a response. As hyperconnectivity increases, our minds are becoming progressively more coupled and cybernetically...
I've been thinking a lot about this polytopia without offering any of the thoughts, so here, for whatever they're worth, are some of them. Mind work in the old world: Scenario One: Each mind walks into a room on two legs, they chose a seat and take out a pad and a pencil. Everytime someone offers an idea it's written down on a white...
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In 1996 former lyricist for the Grateful Dead and internet pioneer, John Perry Barlow, addressed...
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As the intellectual contours of Polytopian existence are coming into focus in Wildcat’s recent...
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I think that notthisbody's post on the current state of a Polytopia shows how promising the notion...
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This is part I of a two-part post on my thoughts on the Polytopia. In this first one, I will aspire to present the challenges we will face in Polytopia. In the next post, I will examine possible vaccines and counterpoints that could be built into the architecture, as well as possible constructive uses that could help all of us...
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The great enhancement debate
A response to Wildcat's "My cranium, my castle?" Thank you Wildcat for the...
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Diamonds are forever. Are you ready to live with the clarity, brilliance, and high value of...
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Get between 5 and 50 writers from space collective to each write chapters for a book, to then be collaborated and edited together and plausibly published. Most probably online. To go with the whole spacecollective thing some kind of science fiction springs to mind, or possibly modern philosophy from the perspectives of so many great young...
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Here are a few thoughts inspired by Wildcat's post The ColleX. I came up with the following...
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A call for a new relationship between thinking man and the sum of our...
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In my last post, I went over several challenges facing Polytopia. Now, I will attempt to share...
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The Total Library
Human beings versus machines, or machines as instruments of human designs? The answers to these two questions would have been obvious years ago: Human beings, of course, machines are instruments of human design! But now days when we speak so much of progress, science and technology as if progress, science and technology were in themselves...
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