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Within the past decade, there has been a wonderful renaissance in psychedelic research and a renewed interest in the media and general public. The subject matter is opening up to bright & brazen new minds interested in the medical, psychological and spiritual benefits of sacred...
Watch these 4 fascinating short videos about the fundamental riddles of existence. Some food for...
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The Psychedelic Society is established to aide in the evolution of communication and media...
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What I think a psychedelic society, what that notion means or implies to me in terms of ideology, is the idea of creating a...
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For about twenty years an emergent & organic experiment in social, creative & civic society...
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: LSD Positive Drug Story : Drugs & Evolution
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My dear fellow Space Collective citizens.... The World Psychedelic Forum has just posted it's...
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At TED this year, which just commenced this week, Jill Bolte Tayolor spoke yesterday, and I found...
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Artist & photographer, Kate Raudenbush's work has been a fixture on the deep playa canvas of...
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presenting the creamy dreamy and taffy world of San Francisco artist MARS 1
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