Thu, Aug 16, 2018
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The 5th wall (Busted)
The 5th wall may be the mind (interpretation) of each viewer. The camera would have to imagine what each viewer is thinking to articulate the 5th wall. Maybe almost candid camera esq (host comments on silent gestures of subject).

Another way of thinking of the 5th wall is the authoritative state or big brother (watching) aka secret society. Maybe this is why this sort of stuff bothers people who live a 9-5 existence (3rd wall) and are happy with being viewers or witnesses only, which is comfortable.

Instead, for those who like to push the envelope metaphysically or spiritually. A centering exercise is to imagine that your on the day of judgment viewing yourself in your current moment (if you believe in the day of judgment). I found this sobering and shatters all walls.

Thu, Aug 16, 2018  Permanent link
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