Mon, May 17, 2010
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What Were They Thinking

Dear Other:

The fortune says: When in doubt, can always change the element of gravity.

The affinity art asssignment was to create a peaceful world. Most models still seemed to end in annihilation in a million machine minute, due to native species, cybers, synthetics or combinations.

It is easy to draft a culture based on cooperative world manners, inclusiveness patterns and resource commons. Obsolete mortality, which includes killing, and new species are no longer connected to animal biology. Many spiritual myths of identity creation and destruction, including group survival, lose relevancy.

Tricky part is to switch over to it from existing status. The owner elite usually demand a cut whether in tribute, by dealing, or force.

Compromise may be technology surrogates for privileges of power. This utilizes personal kingdom-like domains, virtual states between them, ranges of flexibility of travel or action, privacy shields, games, and robotic slaves for soldiers or servants.

Question becomes what to do with the humans. If they continue to exist, they will likely be curious and seek interaction. They can be political and migratory, while expecting reciprocity, and diplomatic privilege. Their questions are mundane, like “If they pitted msphere vs mcube vs mgrid vs mbrain, who would win?” or “How can the m4verse be given blanket protection?”. Throw a mimicry interface at them, so that they can make selections by hum, drum, dance or dialogue, and they still find group identity, whether on the side of netness or notness. Ubiquitously embed realtime analogy translation and they may not immediately notice a difference. The assignment should be done by the time that they figure it out.


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