Sun, Feb 4, 2018
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Master's Project: Transhumanism; cont'd
It's probably time to update this project. It was completed in 2010 and I was awarded a perfect score, at the Danish Design School (now KADK/Royal Danish Academy of Art & Design). I was also one of 6 graduating students nominated for two grants of excellence, and the only one in Visual Communication (I didn't win). Despite the accolades, I don't think this project is perfect and I would not have awarded it so highly myself; there are a few things I would have done differently were I doing it today, but it was a student project and that is learning after all!

This was a difficult project to complete and I really struggled with it. I remember the early part of 2010 being quite stressful. I didn't look at it for years afterwards—needed to get it out of my system. But now, 8 years later, I think I should do it and myself a service by getting it out there. I realize this community is not thriving as it was back then, but I think it's fitting to get the first "draft" on here, as this platform is what served as the inspiration and source of much of the material included in the project. Interestingly, it has only become more and more relevant as advances in AI, machine learning, robotics etc accelerate.

These are just a few of the images I have, taken at the time of completion. I intend to do a full write up, with documentation of the project booklet (requirement for the thesis, describing thoughts, rationale, descriptions), the presentation and slideshow I gave to the grading committee (which, I think, was what got me the grade and award - first real lesson in "it's all about the presentation") and of course more images (closeups) of the final piece.

It is a booklet of sorts, A4 sized, that takes the reader on a journey through Transhumanism, framed as "The Great Enhancement Debate" (titled borrowed from the project here on Space Collective), with each page introducing a topic and a series of voices in the discussion. There are 4-6 typefaces used, in varying weights, styles, colours and treatments, to visually represent the different voices in the discussion, as well the lively debate that this subject incurs. I was told I would not be able to pull that off, but I think I managed it quite well! As the reader turns the pages, the booklet unfolds into an A1 sized poster. I considered the user experience a lot in this, and wanted it to be more than just a booklet. I think this aspect reflects my background in web design and development, and indeed, I have been working as an interaction/UX designer since I graduated. The back side is the poster side, with one of the feature illustrations in large size, accompanied by one of the more powerful quotes. There are three versions, one for each illustration.

More to come...

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