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Sat, Nov 17, 2007
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Training for 0G (Zero Gravity)
Project: ET2 Architecture?
Zero-Gravity Flights comprise the most widely accessibly method for the layman to experience zero gravity. In fact, companies such as Zero-G treat this form of "training" as a form of recreation.

Conventional aircraft like the Boeing 727-200 take paying customers on a parabolic flight path (known as the Kepler Curve) that starts at 20,000 feet and ascends to a maximum elevation of 30,000 before beginning the descent. Weightlessness lasts for approximately 30 seconds at a time & can be attained up to 15 times in a single flight.

Beyond recreation, zero-g flights are employed to perform "technological tests and studies of different space-related systems, devices, assemblies, biomedical studies of organisms and their behavior under weightless conditions and in reduced weightlessness ("Lunar", "Martian" other types of gravity), and also for commercial flights and advertising projects."

Stephen Hawking in 0g

Marth Stewart in 0g

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cupcakewizard     Mon, Nov 19, 2007  Permanent link
Wow! love the Stephen Hawking footage...