Sat, Jul 14, 2007
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A quote for Al
Al, other people agree with your communication model. This one is from Goethe:

We talk far too much. We should talk less and draw more. I personally should like to renounce speech altogether and, like organic Nature, communicate everything I have to say in sketches. That fig tree, this little snake, the cocoon on my window sill quietly awaiting its future – all these are momentous signatures.

A person able to decipher their meaning properly would soon be able to dispense with the written or the spoken word altogether. The more I think of it, there is something futile, mediocre, even (I am tempted to say) foppish about speech. By contrast, how the gravity of Nature and he silence startle you, when you stand face to face with her, undistracted, before a barren ridge or in the desolation of ancient hills.

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alborz     Wed, Jun 20, 2007  Permanent link
"By contrast, how the gravity of Nature and the silence startle you." That's really great.

Thanks for giving me my very own quote! Yes, I think I will use this one regularly.

Also: how in the world do you have so many great quotes seemingly right at hand??