Mon, Mar 29, 2010
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Personal futures and the center of future gravity
Project: Polytopia

Today, future-oriented acts and thoughts are exposed to personal and collective interpretation and analysis in an unprecedented manner through various digital environments and channels. Digital technologies and networked environments provide new environments and techniques for archiving, recording and experiencing the past and the present. Additionally, they may provide new unique methods to analyze, anticipate and even experience possible futures.

Personal futures become visible in new ways when an individual stores and shares her life patterns and future-oriented thinking (i.e. intentions, hopes, fears, wishes, goals) in digital environments. In essence, personal futures can be approached in new ways - and possibly anticipated in an unprecedented manner - when we analyze the explicit, digitized manifestations of future thinking and other available personal digital information. By combining these diverse digital patterns we can reach for our personal and collective futures.

The center of future gravity becomes accessible through our physical and non-physical multilinear existence. It is manifested in personal and collective narratives (e.g. conversations, status updates, microblog/blog posts, personal messages, emails, photos) both intentionally and unintentionally. One's social sphere and other systems and entities (cultural, societal, economical, ecological "ecosystems") affect the center of future gravity both implicitly and explicitly.

Through the continuously fluctuating yet detectable center of future gravity, we are drawn to objects and entities as well as other objects and entities are drawn towards ourselves. The future is transformed from virtualized abstraction to concrete reality through shared narratives. Personal and collective futures (intentions, hopes, fears, wishes etc.) become narratives. Personal and collective narratives become realities.

The mass of personal information, gathered and constructed by humans and machines alike, is nothing in itself; it remains silent and dead without analysis and interpretation. Information - containing the seeds of the future - has to be processed into perceivable and desirable patterns that become meaningful through personal and collective experience, through continuous contextualizing and recontextualizing. In the process, we can become more aware of our possible, probable and desirable futures.

The virtualized futures can be made part of one’s sense-reality as an enriched narrative experience that enables problematizing, envisioning and playful speculation of possible, probable and desirable futures. Through an adaptive and intelligent personal future simulation system, we could recognize, reflect and explicitly affect our own center of future gravity. Furthermore, we could enhance our awareness of the consequences of our existence by connecting personal and collective actions to a wider social, cultural, political, economical and ecological context.

Next: micro future scenarios and the virtual futures...

Mon, Mar 29, 2010  Permanent link
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