Wed, Jan 9, 2008
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the brain and magnetic structures

The Blue Brain Project: Visualization of activity in the neocortical column of the brain. Created by the Blue Brain Project through the use of IBM’s Blue Gene Supercomputer, the model aims to create a biologically accurate rendering of the brain, with the primary intent of better understanding brain function and dysfunction. Seen here are the precise positioning of over 30 million synapses and the electrical activity of each neuron as a stimulus is applied to it. More information here.

Magnetic Structures: I was captivated by this. I actually like this black and white, early version better than the final product (which is a little too over the top and psychedelic for my taste). The underlying concept behind this visualization (as outlined by the creator) is that there are particles called gravity (G), paticles called particles (P). All the G’s repel each other, and all the P’s repel each other. The G’s pull on the P’s. A central force keeps the G’s from flying off the screen. What results is an interesting, malleable composition that keeps the viewer engaged. Link to the visualization and further explaination can be found here.

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