Wed, Apr 11, 2007
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Project :: 3 Concepts
Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
This class talks a lot about what it would feel like to be in zero-gravity. I believe that this feeling can be achieved in numerous ways, from actually matching the acceleration to altering motions relation to time. I am interested in the latter. Assuming that the theory of relativity is accurate, it seems that the faster one moves, the slower those around him move, relatively. To feel as though you are in a lesser gravity, wouldn't you just need to spend more time in the air when you jump? If one could alter time or apparently alter time, it could create a new environment much like one based on space. The way we interact with our third dimension doesn't have to be that far from how we interact with the fourth.

My first Proposal is an Immersive Video installation. Video will be captured and stored in blocks to allow a scanning through time, and a mixing of time. Ones relationship to the screens should determine what will be in realtime and what will be delayed. This project would require 3 projectors, and a camera or proximity sensors via arduino. The slit scanning video would be programmed in processing, and although this technique is not new, I would like to use it in a new realm, and create it from scratch to understand the workings of it.

My second Proposal is another Immersive Video installation. Similar to the first concept, I would like to utilize slit scanning to speed and slow pre-recorded video, that will be projected on a single wall. The control of the speed of the film will be done by a sensor that reads the speed of a persons running/walking. A treadmill will be placed in the room and infront of a wall sized projection. The runner will attach the sensor and will control how the video relates to his or her running.

My third Proposal...

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