Tue, May 22, 2007
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Space Habitat Proposal
Project: Designing Science Fiction Scenarios
With the initial discovery of the object it was believed a new form of plant life had been found. The vine like object was found attached to a large asteroid on one of the farthest arms of the belt. The object created quite a stir it was believed that no living object could survive with out the protection of an atmosphere but this object appeared to be doing so. A crew was quickly dispatched to investigate the object.
Upon initial exploration of the object it was reveled to be much more than a simple plant. A lattice work system had been constructed around the asteroid. It appeared to be constructed to control the plants to growth. The size of the plant was massive the diameter of a vine greater than that of the exploration ship. Also what appeared to be a small monitoring station was discovered near the base of the plant. The crew attempted to take samples of the plant but found the outer shell too hard for scrapings.
A second crew to investigate the monitoring station was sent out shortly after the first returned. After entering the monitoring station they discovered that it was not a monitoring station it was a portal. The plant is inhabitable. Extensive networks of hallways and rooms have been constructed with in the vines. The extensive system could support a large community. The life support systems were contained within the vine itself, processing the air for inhabitation. With a self supporting system the station could exist indefinitely. As the community grew the plant would grow. The plant was also self healing, any accident or injury to its shell could be temporarily sealed and the shell would eventually heal itself. The mass of the asteroid provides a low gravity field to the station counteracting some of the negative effects of weightlessness. More exploration of the station needs to occur but it seems to be a viable option for extra planetary satiable life.

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rene     Fri, May 25, 2007  Permanent link
I forgot to mention last Tuesday that I like your post. Could be visually interesting as well. I'd be interested to find out more about the plant's origins.
Xarene     Fri, May 25, 2007  Permanent link
This is such a poetic vision, and an intriguing way to start a plot. If you imagine the fascinating maze the cellular structure of plants have, the spaces and the navigation through those spaces is simply beautiful and efficient. You can see the link with Cellular Automata in plant stomata on leaves and in cross sections and in the structure of how a plant works in a computational manner. Read this article. (download the pdf. link is on the right of the page.)