Wed, Jul 28, 2010
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Okay, here it is SpaceCollective....

The new era. WE are living in an INCREDIBLE TIME-how lucky are we?? We get to witness change unlike anything humanity has seen before. (myb & Hopefully survive it)

[I like to try to write sorta sloppy-it shows the internet fad at the time in terms of communication VIA technology. ]

What is (do you think) going to happen on 2012? Keep this sorta brief and provide links to support your conclusions if at all possible. How do we survive? We need some species to survive...and I am assuming most people on SpaceCollective deserve to make it to he next stage-sort-of-speak.

Do you think nature is killing itself off? Are we the 6th extinction?

Also, If ALL electricity is non usable (which very well could happen) How is our little site going to be preserved for future generations besides just being stored on the internet.

hmm another weird thought just popped in my head-what if they internet and technology is REAL? I mean think about it. EVERYTHING on this Earth has a consciousness. Well I guess I don't mean 'real' but has a separate consciousness and when we can tune into the universe a little more technology along side with us can advance and grow together-spiritually, connectively?

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DiegoDx     Wed, Jul 28, 2010  Permanent link
I don't remember when, but someone posted this here on SC, and when i saw it, i was happy to see things the way ben stewart show in his film. It's a nice point of view.

and here
Infinitas     Thu, Jul 29, 2010  Permanent link
Firstly, there is no definitive proof that something "cataclysmic" may happen. With that said, it does seem like something is building up.

Here is a previous 2012 post...http://spacecollective.org/SharkBait/5383/2012-End-Of-The-World-Or-Full-Of-Crap

Nature is definitely not killing itself off, instead, its trying to maintain its balance by killing off us humans. No species can undergo exponential growth, as we are now, without reaching a point when there are too many individuals and not enough resources to support them all. It's a fact of science and population dynamics. It's inevitable. But this is not to say that we are going to be wiped out on 2012....it could happen tomorrow for all we know.

And as far as technology and brain science merging... there is TONS of material on this website.
BenRayfield     Thu, Jul 29, 2010  Permanent link
Environmentalalex said: hmm another weird thought just popped in my head-what if they internet and technology is REAL? I mean think about it. EVERYTHING on this Earth has a consciousness. Well I guess I don't mean 'real' but has a separate consciousness and when we can tune into the universe a little more technology along side with us can advance and grow together-spiritually, connectively?

That's called panpsychism and is 1 of the many philosophies that I think is mostly true. It does not mean that electrons or your shoe or any other object can think like us. It means their experience is more like a simple unconsciousness, and when many of those simple things form a brain, we experience more complex consciousness, and similarly all 7 billion people, in the ways they interact normally, emergently form many more kinds of consciousness. I think of it more like a continuous field of consciousness, like you could say there is an "electric field" or "gravity field" around anything in physics, but all of it is approximations.

For example, in this video I demonstrate moving a piece of aluminum foil (in a clear plastic box to avoid interference from the air) with my mind, and moving it feels the same as moving any other body part, because the part of the consciousness field I was experiencing at the time contained my brain and that aluminum foil. Do you think about how to move your arm? No, you just do it. But as a baby, you have to learn to move your arm, and it takes a long time. Such learning is similar to how you learn to use the consciousness field to move things with your mind. I don't see anything about a consciousness field that contradicts our science knowledge. Scientists just need to accept that these things happen and start figuring out how they work. I expect science and philosophy will merge and finally be able to figure things out together, as part of what I write below...

About the 2012 predictions of major world changes, I think we're already seeing that in the exponential speed changes in global politics and technology and the exponential increase in money and government complexity and many other things. Why does it have to be 1 event that happens exactly on a certain day in 2012? I'd accept that a prediction was correct if it happened years before or years after, since the prediction was made hundreds of years ago. But just because some parts of a prediction happen, that does not mean we should expect the other parts to happen. Everybody makes mistakes, and multiverse physics allows many futures to have many variations of it. I think if we try to use our brains instead of panic, that we can handle whatever else may happen thats related to such 2012 predictions, and harness whatever changes are coming and use them to improve things instead of let scared people use them to destroy things.

The things I expect to change the most (Maybe over the next 30 years? I don't know) are hierarchies being replaced by emergent organization (emergence, not emergency).

Examples of hierarchy are:
* governments
* slavery
* intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks. Whoever thinks of something first owns it, even if you think of it later without knowing about it. You are lower in the hierarchy than the patent owner. They may sell a license to a business to use the patent in some ways, and then that business is above you and below the patent owner in the hierarchy.
* countries
* money
* businesses
* internet service providers (instead of connecting your computer to whoever is close and networking emergently)

Examples of emergence are:
* peer-to-peer software
* word of mouth
* social networks
* the way SpaceCollective gets new members
* brains (made of neurons that connect to a few thousand other neurons each)
* This new physics theory about how space, time, gravity, and other things can emerge from simpler patterns instead of a hierarchy of equations: http://spacecollective.org/nagash/6123/The-Illusion-of-Gravity
* the theoretical type of emergent government called punish the nonpunishers which has no central authority and nobody having authority over anyone else except in symmetric ways. (I get only 748 search results from Google today when I search for that, but I expect that to increase)

I see some parts of the 2012 prediction already happening, and gradually over the years, based only on how I see things working and not based on faith in continued accuracy of those predictions, we will see global power change from hierarchies to emergent organization, and it will be much more productive and efficient then. Lacking those global organization problems, most of the other problems (like people dieing of starvation, war, secret laws, government corruption, etc) will appear to solve themselves because thats how emergent things work.
twistedT     Thu, Jul 29, 2010  Permanent link
well said Ben.