Tue, May 22, 2007
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Part 1
“that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind….”
Flashes black, strobe.

level 1:
(voice of woman,breathless, quick paced. Urgency.
“ Our bodies became the last form of identifiable commodity- the last bit of material attachment left for ourselves to hold on to.
And we did just that- held on to it, as if only to preserve each line that traced the wrinkles of a history scattered across our face. The extent that we had attempted to delay the signs of age, “rejuvenate” our souls with a micro-dermabrasion….
Our history of vanity, the lifestyle of fashion —- was all gone.”

Level 2:
In mans quest to colonize outer space, developmental biology in zero gravity has posed an unreasonable risk to capable mothers. The Defense requires comprehensive assessment and federal restrictions to regulate the genetic adaptation of simple organisms in a gravity stressed environment.
The following method of birth control requires a direct role in controlling the pattern of embryogenesis.
————As Earth’s display of natural orientation responds to its gravity, 0-gravity environments do not allow for such a phenomenon.————-

The disruption of the embryonic pattern is a critical period when gravity is important for fetal development.
Gravity sensors inherited in our own coding requires disabling the vestibular detection of angular changes.

The body’s natural ability to sustain a homeostatic environment congested the senses with alternative means of growth development. An exponential amount of alternatives.
Normally the body would create a linear path that would sequence our gestation- The pull of gravity would automatically mature our elongated form and stature according to our existing North & South poles. Without gravity, the skeleton loses its rate of scale …
…organs and skin binds into interstitial layers, and the brain fragments into particles.

Pace quickens
Contractions are no longer synchronized notations of delivery, but life-threatening seizures.
The mother is administered a barbiturate induced coma where her body will undergo severe hypertension causing the first phase of prenatal gestation.

The Umbra is a device that is surgically implanted within the woman’s stomach. Once the mechanism is in place, the hormone induced placental sack is injected with the fertilized egg of the donor.
Calibration begins, confirms and responds with a capsulating placenta.

This maintains a protective plaque around the womb while the Bele-Belt radiates the necessary proteins and aminos, but more importantly the belt has pole-sensors. These magnetic simulators allow for the fetus to develop into its preferred genetic adaptation.

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