Thu, Nov 29, 2007
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Project: ET2 Architecture?
The fascination with astronaut training has already been exploited by many companies eager to start turning a profit in the space tourism industry today. As the facilities and personnel necessary to train space tourists are incredibly expensive—and will be utilized rather infrequently in the beginning—there is opportunity to sell the "spaceflight experience" to those who cannot yet afford the actual flight. In addition, tours can be operated throughout the facilities and combined with multimedia presentations to give an overview of the entire space flight process. This would provide an experience for (almost) every income level: $(tour), $$$$$(training), $$$$$$$$$ (space flight).

Several companies already provide a variety of training packages. Here are just a few:

sign up now for 5-day session for only $15,000!
sample itinerary: www.rusadventures.com/tour11.shtml

be a cosmonaut for a day!
create your own itinerary here: www.incredible-adventures.com/star_city.html

offering Launch Tours, Zero-Gravity Flights, and Spaceflight Training
only $8,495 for the Soyuz Simulator: www.spaceadventures.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Other_Spaceflight_Experiences.welcome

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