Fri, Mar 25, 2011
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Designing the Outer Space Tourism Experience
Thesis Brief:

Spaceflight and exploring extra-terrestrial surfaces were dreams only realizable for the most intelligent, qualified and elite astronauts and cosmonauts. Today because of private investment and a renewed interest in outer space industry, those dreams will soon be accessible to the public. The immediately recognizable opportunities lie within the cis-lunar network, the portion of outer space captured by the gravitational forces of the Earth and the Moon.
Constructing this tourist experience relies on three interrelated components; artifice, storyboard and event.

Artifice – The continuous thread of the journey occurs through a series of exchanges between self contained vessels and natural artificial environments. The project specifically highlights the use of the cruise vessel and the landscape in constructing a tourist experience.

Storyboard –An accumulation of experience through media and images predicated on historical knowledge and preconceptions of outer space. Sequential images will be created that combine a historic knowledge of outer space with a predicted experience, ultimately creating a feedback loop that informs and is informed by the project development.

Event –Characterized as episodic moments that frame the tourist experience. Each artifice serves as a framework within which events and episodic moments can occur and are heightened.

The below images are concepts of fenestrations and their relationship to the experiences of the tourist on their journey through the cis-lunar network. Each image is informed by conditions of this extra-terrestrial environment. Gravity, time, cosmological events, scale, and sequence of event are all issues tackled in the development of my thesis project.

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