Fri, Mar 25, 2011
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Tracking Time and Cosmological Order
Note: The development of the thesis focuses on designing spaces that challenge the traditional concept of a 'cruise ship' or vessel through which the tourism experience takes place. Spaces within the tourism vessel capture the essence of life in outer space, highlighting experiences that challenge our perception of reality.

In low Earth orbit astronauts experience a 45 minute day/night cycle. Within the vessel I propose a series of non-sequitur spaces that track conditions of the exterior environment. The multiple layers of envelope necessary for safety from radiation, the constrained proportions of fenestrations, and orientation of the body in a zero gravity environment become design opportunities rather than hindrances.

the below image proposes a space that track the 45 minute day/night cycle of the sun in LEO. the concept will later go on to inform the design of a zero gravity swimming pool that aligns with the sun. every 45 min the tourists will have the opportunity to scatter the water particles and watch as the sun scatters light onto the interior surface of the habitat

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