Wed, Oct 31, 2018
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The World is made up Of kisses

The entire evolution of science would suggest that the best grammar
for thinking about the world is that of change, not of permanence.
Not of being, but of becoming.

We can think about the world as made up of things. Of substances. Of entities. Of something that is.
Or we can think of it as made up of events. Of happenings. Of processes. Of something that occurs.
The world is not a collection of things, it is a collection of events.

The difference between things and events is that thing persist in time; event have a limited duration.
A stone is a prototypical "thing": we can ask ourselves where it will be tomorrow.
Conversely, a kiss is an "event". It make no sense to ask where the kiss will be tomorrow.

The world is made up of networks of kisses, not of stones.

text : Carlo Rovelli (physicist), from his book: The Order of Time, 2017
image : Gerhard Richter, Abstract Painting 865-2, 2000
photographs : by Syncopath, from the exhibition: Abstraktion, Museum Barberini, Potsdam, 2018

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