Wed, May 30, 2007
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not a scientist, a storyteller
Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
funny how naive i was to think that by changing environemnts I could change the way people think. And so naive of me to think everything is black and white. but now, i realize how relevent artificiality and misinterpretation is in my life. irony of being immersed in nature and beauty tangiblity, but living like robots. programmed to work, do what youre told.

so instead of making a project and acting like everything about nature is perfect i've decided instead to expose all of my unresolved feelings about life through a space colony. what i was before and where i am going. a story of social transformation from the normal to the absurd. 8 weeks and 15 different experiences to realize my final concept. The idea stays the same. A beehive environment. Same spores, elements, immersive environments, but an entirely new story to tell. One that stems not from my hopeful prediction that things will change based on nature, but rather, my realization and conclusion I've come to about humanity. Nature won't change us, neither will new dimensions, new places, or new ideas. We are fixed. No matter how hard we try, how kind we are, how hard we strive, people will always create adistorted image. society creates the individual. it is in our nature.

were human, so restarting life will only reingvigorate the society we live in now. hence the name, RE:hive, it is a rejuvination of life and nature through a beehive concept; but it is also the reinvigoration of corruption and artificiality.

everything about Re:hive is artifical, and so is the much world we live in. From the outside you have these beautiful cylindrical spores with holographic interfaces showing the environment one is immersed in by being with nature. Everything seems perfect. However, your senses are artificial because they are virtual, the space in which you stand in, this gravity, is artifical. so while everything seems beautfiul on the outside, therein lies a much MUCH deeper meaning inside. And by inside I mean humanity, the people that occupy this space.

enter one of two environments:


it is the person's choice to immersive themselves in the artifical or absurd.
no matter where where you take nature, won't change the way people think.


Animation of beehive in space, camera rotates around axis, see spores detach from hive and move about. serence and surreal environment. Screen blackens, up comes text and explanation of hive integrated w. animation of icons. Very colorful. But as story begins to unfold, viewer is invited into one of the spores. everything looks so balanced in space- Golden ratio. As story begins to unfold, the viewer is invited into one of the immersive spore environments. camera pans in and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of (________). Every moment is chaotic, phony hosts lead a crowd of animalistic/robot like viewers, the mood is sarcastic. every moment is fixed, the hosts decide who prevails, who they like, who they dislike. It is the realization of how life is interpreted in space, and how, as much as we try to change, it is impossible.
Video transitions from normal to absurd. Reactions and occuring events begin to make less sense, confusion arises. Virtual environment soon becomes very real to the viewer. They realize this new environment isnt' far from home.

rational | irrational

live action scheduled to shoot THURSDAY @ noon.

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