Thu, Nov 29, 2007
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SPACE STATION: Living Environment
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Service Module
Most of the habitable elements in the ISS are cylindrical modules with most of the primary accommodations contained in the Service Module (SM), or Zvezda (Star). The Zvezda was the first fully Russian contribution to the ISS. Some of the services contained in this module are the waste management compartment, toilet facilities, galley, exercise facilities and individual sleep compartments.

All About the Attachment
Due to the zero gravity environment, the crew can sleep in any orientation as long as they have something to attach to. Velcro straps or a confining sleeping bag usually does the trick. Because of the high travelling speed of 17,000 miles per hour, the ISS experiences 16 sunrises and sunsets during each day. For this reason, window shades and/or eye masks are required for a sound 8 hour sleep.

Crewmembers must also attach themselves to the toilet when using the restroom. Handles, located on either side of the toilet, clamp over the astronaut's thighs and keep him or her from floating away.

Although there is no real kitchen in the Service Module, there is a kitchen table, which aside from a place to eat around, serves as the social center of the ISS. Bungees straps and velcro help keep food, containers and spoons from floating off the table.

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