Wed, Apr 11, 2007
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Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
45% of all people who experience zero gravity also experience space sickness from being weightless. Therefore my third option deals with experiencing nature through the mind. This would not be a permanent living situation but a place to recuperate. The place itself would be minimalist and each person would be assigned a personal pod that would fit the body rather snugly, to avoid bobbing around. The body would be hooked up to an IV device and exposed to scents, images and tactile experiences all relating to nature. It could be 3-D artificial images of naturelike objects much like Casey Reas work, to watch a texture slowly evolve or an actual nature experience such as experiencing a place on earth or perhaps going inside an ant farm. Ideally scents, humidity, temperature, sound, the feel of objects would follow the imagery.

Isolation tank

Wed, Apr 11, 2007  Permanent link

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