Wed, Apr 11, 2007
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Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
All my proposals are of peaceful environments, places to relax rather than places to be entertained. There is too much stimuli around us now as it is, I think people need to re-connect with nature and learn/appreciate doing nothing. It's a beeautiful thing to be able to sit in nature and observe.

If the Space Collective would be a group experience I would like it to be a way of experiencing nature but have the nature be controlled, much like on an island. There would be a lot of windows so people could enjoy sunshine and see what goes on outside. There would have to be some form of garden where people could grow food and it would also function as a way of cleaning the air. It would have to be a self-sustaining system like in Biosphere 2 and it would have to provide sufficient food-sources. I’m very much into the idea that each person has a hammock/pod-like thing to sleep in. It would be wrapped around the body so people would stay in place. These pods would be surrounded by nature and in a sense a personal tent. A few issues come to mind however. Would we bring animals, what would we do with all the waste, how could we recycle everything, would there be a way around zero gravity, how do plant life react to zero gravity, would we grow all our food including meat (see Tissue Culture & Art Project below) or would all be vegans and the questions goes on...

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