Thu, Sep 24, 2009
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Linear Deterministic Time Travel
I believe if time travel were possible (I am not making any decision I'm unsure, more to the side of saying no) but if it were possible... There would be perhaps, many paradoxes using the school of thought most prescribe to when talking time travel.

I struggle to put in words how I see it in my head so I did make this diagram. Basically I feel if it were possible to time travel on what we have subscribed to being a linear time line, the original point when time was traveled could not and should not be distinguished as separate from the time-line itself. I think that when time is traveled we have to realize nothing actually happens, the time-line doesn't and can not split into myriad alternate universes. This is absurd.

I believe when you travel you have created a loop in which cause and effect are absolute in the same way they are in a linear causal deterministic system. This being said the loop is still part of the linear system, as it originated from it. In such a sense there is no loop at all but it is best to create a loop for better understanding. The loop is a full one and as such you can't distinguish from start and end point. It becomes a cycle, which can't be broken or avoided. Even if you knew you had just traveled in time, nothing you could do could sabotage the world because it has already taken place.

A cycle in nature - not just the nature on our planet, but all of the universe is another large static variable alike cause and effect. It can be seen in all things, over large or short periods of time.

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nom the puppet     Sat, Sep 26, 2009  Permanent link
we have to realize nothing actually happens, the time-line doesn't and can not split into myriad alternate universes. This is absurd.

why is this absurd? how are you so sure?
Infinitas     Sat, Sep 26, 2009  Permanent link
I don't think time travel is possible when using only the 4th dimension, time. Modern physics tells us that there are multiple dimensions and I believe that time travel, and a slew of other fantastic possibilities, are more than possible by traveling via higher dimensions.

I like to think that everything in the past is a linear line and the future is an infinite set of linear pathways that you could take. Imagine you are one of these paths, and you wish that you could take back some of the choices you made in the past and live a different life. Instead of having to travel back in time, changing the choice that you had made, and then reliving all of your years on the new path, I think it would be possible to just travel through a higher dimension to reach any point along that alternate path that you want to be on, all perhaps in a split second.

Take a look at this video, http://www.tenthdimension.com/medialinks.php.  It's obviously not fact, but it most certainly makes you think.
gamma     Sat, Sep 26, 2009  Permanent link
Time travel is a common phenomenon for fast travelers whose personal clocks run slower than ours. This is the travel into the future. Gravity makes time run slower; nowadays clocks are so precise that they can detect the difference between the ground level and satellite orbits.

One solution for travel into the past is, as far as I remember, based on hypothetical object called Tippler's cylinder. It is a massive object that ought to have infinite length. Then you could spiral around and slip into the past. Other solutions are based on alternative cosmologies, such as spinning universe, bubble universes, uneven expansion, etc. Some black dude made a hypothesis for light travel into past, but he is still building a lab.

Particles don't seem to obey the concept of time based on thermodynamics, because particle reactions a+b=c+d can be executed backwards without problems c+d=a+b.