Tue, Apr 10, 2007
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Ubiquitous Habitation
Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
We have an urge to build. Nature is treated as a side-order, becoming an attraction and a marketing tool. At one point we came from nature, now we package and sell what is left of it in holiday safari trips. Why do we disregard nature as a habitat for humans and immediately build? Why should nature be reduced to symbolism, poetics and abstraction in products, art and architecture? Like ubiquitous computing, why are we not thinking ubiquitous habitation where 'we' are inferior to nature, just as the computer is inferior to human biology? How do we seamlessly occupy and integrate with nature without disrupting it?

What is a natural habitat? If systematically built-up—as a molecular gastronomist builds food—would a built environment with a base of nature (as processed as it may be) be possible and would it integrate with us naturally?

What is architecture? Our activities define architecture; architecture facilitates our activities. A space to rest, a space to cook, a space to love, a space to learn. Must all spaces be built? Can we define our activities in open space? Does that space become architecture for our activities?

Summer 2006. Grant and I were apartment hunting. We tapped into someone's personal wifi at the corner of Idaho and 9th. Though homeless, we found a homebase in an unfamiliar city, returning to that location throughout the day. That corner of 'public' space morphed temporarily into 'our' space, creating an invisible home for our homesearching activity. Can that space be defined as architecture? What if like wifi, we can tap into Earth's electromagnetic fields for our activities?

What limits our activites on Earth? What defines our activites as Earthlings?
Earth-mineral base.

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rene     Fri, May 25, 2007  Permanent link
Everybody at SpaceCollective really likes your posts and your comments on their posts. I agree with them and tell them more about you. We just decided that in the future we will introduce our favorite participants on a more personal basis on the home page. Thanks for the inspiration.