Wed, Dec 17, 2008
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Being right even when you're wrong - walking the universal path
this one's an answer to rene's Beyond the speed of thought

Lately I think it's both equally significant to balance non-linear and linear mind. Non-linear thinking is giving higher understanding, manifesting the holistic approach, still once and for all. But if never switching to linear thinking, you're doomed to enter the dead-end cycle, the phenomenon of the wide open space - no sign, no road, no direction. It's still a status quo. Then you try with linear thinking - you create new patterns of movement, no matter if in daily practice or mentally like breaking the circle by putting a check point, so the figure now has a corner. When making a harsh turn you actually start creating a triangle, square, etc... It's the endless reductionism, creating subpatterns. It's like starting from the very begging again and again. You're broadening the figure by lengthening the diameter. But making figures with harsh corners will make the square surround the circle - you will be limited again. And when you're breaking the status quo of the circle surrounding the square endlessly through smooth turns you actually never break the path once started - you're moving in spiral ways. You're on the road, you're losing yourself so find something new. That's the difference about making a smooth turn or a harsh one. Harsh turns are like running away. Just like the moon is actually moving around the earth in spiral ways and just like all objects affected by gravity when going round are forming an expanding ellipse-like path. Because it's the only figure close to a circle, that's not a one - the smooth turns to a reduced count and to an eternal one in the same time - a function. One is hitting the road when searching for himself. But the road seems to be endless. It's only you who put a final destination. Either by cycling eternally on the marry-go-round or by always giving up.

But there's a time when you need to give up in order to leave the marry-go-round. And that's when they made the horses or whatever it is :) go up and down, except cycling. And it's still another pattern. Sooner or later you have to give it up again and name it boring. There's no limit of new patterns, but you'll be always finding new ones. And it's a repeatable action on itself - the cycle of creating new patterns, the novelty theory, putting the square inside. This is the so called intentional one time mistake, the reality check - ok, it's repeating, then I need to move on. You give up on it - there's nothing to be afraid of, you don't run away - you simply walk by making a smooth turn to avoid it. No resistance. And this is when you're broadening the perimeter and deforming to an ever expanding ellipse being relative - a spiral. You're a leaf swaying on the wind... ;) No need to carry the weight - there are also other forces than gravity doing their job.

i guess i could do better... but later...

Wed, Dec 17, 2008  Permanent link
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