Thu, Nov 15, 2007
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Spaceships: Proposed Lunar Vehicles
Project: ET2 Architecture?
The 1960's piloted missions to the moon were reason for engineers to begin contemplating the future of transport in outerspace. The vehicles shown here were proposed as a means for transporting man further and faster than possible by foot once they reached the moon. Design constraints were extreme including:

500 degree temperature swings
1/6 the force of gravity on earth
vacuum conditons that evaporate lubricants

NASA ultimately eliminated any vehicle that required its own lauch rocket. Weight became the determining factor in the decision to go with Boeing's Lunar Rover.

Grumman Aircraft
31 Ft Long Lunar Laboratory (MOLAB)
5 Ft tall metallic wheels that flatten to acomadate any bumpy terrain and soft soil

TRW Systems Group
The five-rocket "Mooncopter"
Designed to ascend moutain peaks at speeds up to 150 mph

Grumman Aircraft
Lunar Rover
Equipped with flexible fiberglass wheels and a swvel seat
Could have been remotely operated for up to 6 months from earth

Lunar Rover
460 pounds and powered by (2) 36V Batteries
Titanium covered wire-mesh wheels

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