Tue, Nov 20, 2007
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Spaceships: 2001: Space Odyssey Part One
Project: ET2 Architecture?
2001: Space Odyssey was released in 1968. Directed By Stanley Kubrick.


The Orbiting Space Station: Notice it is under construction. Also, the main body is cylindrical and the corridors are attached as concentric rings-both non-aerodynamic shapes since the structure is outside of the atmosphere in a near zero-gravity environment. In fact, there is gravity, it’s just that the gravitational force from earth is balanced by gravitational forces from other massive bodies and the momentum a moving ship has in its orbital trajectory. The ship does not experience aerodynamic drag because the air in space is thin, or of a low density, compared to the air we are used to inside the earth's atmosphere.

The Ships: There are a couple of ships that appear at different parts of the movie. Both are relatively non-aerodynamic rational shapes. The first is primarily a sphere equipped with a rocket propulsion system and retractable landing gear. It is shown here landing in the lunar Space Station.

The second ship is bigger and organized more like a train, with main ship that pulls several similar vessels behind it and a caboose to bring up the rear. Also relatively non-aerodynamic except for its fundamentally linear arrangement.

The Explorer: This medium scale vehicle is launched from the main ship to shuttle people and equipment outside of the earth’s atmosphere. It is approximately the size of a bus or a commuter plane.

The Pod: Also spherical and non-aerodynamic. The pod is used for local tasks around the ship like maintenance. It is about as big as a cockpit.

The Shuttle: The only aerodynamic ship in the movie. The shuttle must pass through the thicker, denser air of the earth's atmosphere at take-off and landing.

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