Fri, Mar 14, 2008
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Dreaming of Gravity
Two of my most vivid dreams:

One: I'm at a windy East-coast beach following a group of family and friends. As I climb a dune I feel my feet loosing their hold on the earth. I start to lift up, now gently grasping at the sand with my hands. In a state of intrigued bewilderment.

Two: I'm at an empty German train station, waiting with my mom and brother. In the next moment I am as flat as a sheet of paper and floating across the tracks.

Flight. Who hasn't at some point had some variation of these dreams. Or looked in awe at a bird in mid air, or sat in an airplane and looked all the way down.

However, flight - with all its powerful emotions and symbolism - is nothing but the temporary escape from gravity. Our dreams of flight are merely dreams of escape from this strange elastic relationship to the earth (every time we lift a limb, it is pulled right back down) - escape from this elemental force that plants us so firmly on our feet. I am shocked at how heavy my body is. Everything is so heavy. We dream of floating because we don't want to fall down ever again.

There are a lot of posts on spacecollective regarding gravity. For those of you in the Los Angeles area and interested in the topic, I recently went to the Gravity Art Show at Telic which showcased about 30 conceptual art videos - playing in a constant loop, all gathered under one tidy roof and jammed on top of one another on industrial steel shelving. Walking into the space is a sight and sound to behold - and you soon find yourself moving from monitor to monitor, watching and hearing cement blocks, people, flower petals, television sets, fluorescent light bulbs and the like fall and fly endlessly through the air... before making inevitable impact.

You're allowed to make your own connections and find relationships between the works - but the most important thing your realize is that the same force that's causing all this crazy chaos is acting on every aspect of your being at every moment in time and making you wish you could just for one instant... float.

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kizilbiyik     Wed, Jul 30, 2008  Permanent link
The sea. It is almost a joke, you can't fall into it but you can't fly up either. We end up suspended in the middle of these two realms where we don't really belong. Isn't water just thick air? The change of consistency is very interesting yet they behave very similar. In water we escape gravity, if we became more light-hearted perhaps we can escape gravity in the air as well.
SAILOR     Wed, Dec 10, 2008  Permanent link
I think we have yet to reach a level in our minds where we can defy this force that I feel and have seen in dreams has been created for a purpose.When talking about gravity a lot of things come to mind.In my case it's a trap,a distraction but then again so is almost everything.