Wed, Jun 13, 2007
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Project: Design Media Arts at UCLA
Foreseeing certain afflictions of life within a public space colony, CLEAR embraces the idea of freedom, release, and the opening of one’s mind and perceptions to overcome an environment contaminated by claustrophobia. CLEAR is a large-scale color healing spa structure catering to groups of individuals and families alike. Through treatment of the seven chakras of the human body, CLEAR provides an immersive, exploratory healing experience to participants through a combination of soothing colors, visuals, and sound in areas of the interior spaces as they navigate in near zero-gravity.

Each session within CLEAR will last for the duration of two hours. Beforehand, participants are provided with specialized cloth warps treated with ayurvedic herbs, to be worn inside the structure with intention of aiding in the opening of the senses and bringing about solace.

Wed, Jun 13, 2007  Permanent link

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