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    In the 1970s space colonies were considered to be a viable alternative to a life restricted to planet Earth. The design of cylindrical space...
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    Bringing the essence of water into space

    Water is… wet, liquid, sensual, powerful, graceful, a necessity, a luxury, blue, green, clear, movement, drops, large bodies, a habitat, molecular, amorphous, liberating, destructive, building block for life and civilizations, tempting, cool, cold, hot, bubbles, immersive, overwhelming, refreshing, rain, reflective, clear, violent, natural, cozy, unrelenting, peaceful, ungraspable, malleable

    Forms of water we encounter on a daily basis…ice, mist, large bodies (lakes, pools, oceans), rain, bath and showers, steams, snow, clouds

    Water is both a necessity and enjoyable. In future space colonies, water as a necessity (drinking/eating) will definitely be a priority, what about the recreational/pleasurable aspect of water? Its soothing feel on the body, sound of the rain, refreshing swim in the pool or ocean on a hot day.

    What about water makes me feel alive—swimming in a large body of water. Its feels relaxing, weightless.. I feel like I am in another world. Have no troubles at all…even the sounds of the outside world get muffled (research sound in water). When I immerse myself into water, I loose the reality of what is going on in the world above me… Sunlight dancing into the water from the surface is something that cannot be experienced anywhere else but on earth.

    Water is one of the classic elements in many ancient philosophies (Buddhism, Hinduism, China, Greece)

    How does water act differently on earth and in space?

    Key properties of water that lead to its character in space…
    + H20
    + “appears colorless, although it has its own intrinsic very light blue hue”
    + “Water has been referred to as the universal solvent, and is the only real pure substance found naturally on Earth in all three states of matter”
    + cohesion and adhesion
    + “Capillary action refers to the process of water moving up a narrow tube against the force of gravity”


    Water is one of the classic elements in many ancient philosophies (Buddhism, Hinduism, China, Greece)

    What happens when we take water into space?

    Because of the lack of gravity

    experiments done on water in zero gravity atmosphere

    want to bring the experience of water as into space. Since water is immersive, I want to convy environment into space.. in a way it is experienced here on earth
    +sounds heard in water/about (rain drops, sound of water running, waterfall, waves crushing
    +the sunlight streaming through the surface of water
    +bubbles! (created by busts of air in water)
    + feeling of rain falling
    + being submerged in a large body of water

    Feeling of rain will be absent in space.

    Inspirations- bill viloa, bjork, le reve vegas show (amazing show in Vegas done in water…acrobatics)

    Cool water drop thingy 

    Experiencing water in the context of space.

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