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    The Five Steps to Mysticism
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    Branding the Species
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    The Five Steps to Mysticism
    Project: Branding the Species
    Evelyn Underhill, a renowned & recognized author on Christian mysticism, as well as a mystic herself, identified five steps in the mystical process. They are listed below:

  • 1. Awakening - Subject starts to become aware of the presence of something supernatural. Their heart is filled with joy and they have never felt this kind of joy before, yet they cannot see this supernatural being, and they hunger for more.

  • 2. Purgation - Where subject strips away their ego, their self, their whole existence. They give up everything in this life and in the next. They start to become aware of their faults & imperfections, and try to compensate for those with self-discipline.

  • 3. Illumination - This is often the final stage for some mystics. The subject sees the visual representation of eternity as heaven & earth, reality & mysticism meet. For our purposes this is most likely the ecstatic moment, so therefore one that should be given more emphasis by me in my research & final deliverable.

  • 4. The Dark Night of the Soul - Extraordinary mystics go beyond the third step onto this one. These mystics have experienced mysticism so fervently, that when they "come back down to earth" they start to have what we can refer to as "withdrawal symptoms" of God's presence. They feel deprived, vulnerable, helpless & confused. It is the ultimate un-selfing, and the ultimate submission to God's Will.

  • 5. Union with The Other - Having gone through the other steps, the subject now finds themself in the Eternal, they are at union with God forever, and act as a liason between the things on Earth and the things in Eternity.

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    ParanoidMystic     Tue, May 20, 2008  Permanent link
    Hmm... if you look closely, the odd numbers share the same quality, as do the even numbers.

    In fact, it's a sine-wave. Like the phases of the moon, day and night, or the rhythm of the breath in and out.

    We move in close, step away, move in close, step away — a dance forever. There are not 5 steps of mysticism. Each agony and ecstasy is fresh, novel, without repetition, but in time and on time.

    The purpose of the Dark Night is to teach us about the higher plane, the astral plane. The geometry there is different from ours and one of the primary differences is a reversal of causality. On the astral plane, you gain power by giving something away.

    As for the Awakening/Illumination/Union tone, we are fortunate (very very very!) to have been given human incarnations. One aspect of the human experience is the ability to experience peek/peak moments when our consciousness is raised several times higher than what we're accustomed. This "lightning in a bottle" experience, the "Aha!" moment, will not last unless the organism is prepared to change all mental processes. However, the flavor of the experience will linger and cast a shadow on future experiences.
    aeonbeat     Wed, May 21, 2008  Permanent link
    being fucking thankful to be living, to be curious, to be aware, to evolve and give away for the rest... permanent euphoria...
    Wildcat     Wed, May 21, 2008  Permanent link
    Seekers seek the truth (the absolute, the light, the divine, take your pick)
    Mature seekers know that truth as such is an oxymoron
    Those that went beyond that, realize that truth is self created and collectively shared.
    We are vast multidimensional machines to which enlightenment is but a small subset of all possible (and possibly desirable) mind states.
    Moreover the mystical enlightenment is but a small subset of the set of all possible mind sates described as enlightenment (think computational enlightenment, the mind cornucopia and the like).
    Finally, our minds are capable of self-metamorphosis, the particular dimension and manner used to self evolve is utterly insignificant as long as the total information content and capability of that particular mind is integrated into a higher whole.

    Now, what’s a higher whole?

    aeonbeat     Wed, May 21, 2008  Permanent link
    sharing without demanding?
    lateral     Thu, May 29, 2008  Permanent link
    Wonder whether these can be seen to repeat themselves at greater and smaller scales as well. One cycle during a lifetime, five cycles a day, one a month, eight times during ten years.
    aeonbeat     Fri, May 30, 2008  Permanent link
    like... fractals?
    lateral     Sun, Jun 1, 2008  Permanent link
    Like fractals.
    redacted     Mon, Jun 2, 2008  Permanent link
    Thank you for your comments, especially the ones about fractals. It gives me a good idea of how I want to visualize my research.

    Thanks again!